Gotterhavn Wiki

Devlog 1.0

11 October 2022
Greetings, Patricians!
Welcome to another devlog where we talk about the progress and plans of the Gotterhavn Project.
Reveal We’ve finally revealed our artworks! It was wonderful to see how the community reacted to the fidelity and quality of our NFTs. We did two rounds of discount to celebrate the reveal, and also to find a way to get more exposure. Some members of our community suggested that we cut the supply, but we decided not to. We’ve worked hard to curate our art, and since we put the rare traits at random, we are unable to reduce the supply. Our NFTs can now be minted at 0.0035 ETH on our website
Plans As for our plan for the near future, we have several things going on at the moment. Our novel Gotterhavn: Unholy Consortium is still at work. Chapter 4 will be up on our website shortly after this devlog is published. The novel is our heart and soul, so that is our top priority. I’ve also started to build the 3D map of Gotterhavn which will be available to explore on our website as well once it is ready. It will be an interactive map where people can learn more about the lore, history, and cultures that populate this dark and mysterious world while having the visual to help put things into perspective.
Closing Thought Now that we’ve finally delivered on the promised quality of our artwork, we can move on with the marketing of our NFT and IP in general. We are so grateful to have a community that is actively helping the project gain more exposure. I would like to remind everyone that Gotterhavn is a passion project. We are so passionate to build this IP and to offer an experience beside the story itself. I’d also like to thank everyone who has supported us, believed in us, and helped us in any way!
Best regards,
June Chevalier