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Patron of Strength and Competition
Noverod Sigil
Among the sovereign dwellers of heaven with direct access to all realms, Noverod has always been one of the few who possess a vested interest in the material plane, as though knowing that the conquer of such physical domains is the gateway to complete subjugation of all realities. His arrival in Gotterhavn is no part of the Godfather’s command nor any of His slightest desires. Noverod appears at the very beginning to be a mere man desperate to earn money from a small town’s arena. He continues putting on formidable performance until he gains the attention of not only the public, but also many rulers. So great are his power and deception that while his employers consider themselves his masters, in fact, Noverod’s price ever so slowly increases that he could eventually own their minds and kingdoms. When they discover about his scheme, it is already too late.
Noverod shows his true identity once his influence has been truly undisputed. This attracts a strong reaction from the three patrons who keep legitimate positions in Gotterhavn. The ruckus, too, draws the attention of the Godfather, who, instead of taking an action against Noverod, remains silent to the prayers and pleas of many, albeit watchful. Noverod himself is no guilty of wickedness, according to the Court of Heaven; he does not claim to be a rival to the Godfather, as he could easily be banished into the void if the Godfather wants to. What Noverod wants to do with his power, no one knows for certain. An infinite dominion over realms, perhaps, has no threat to the Godfather’s kingdom. It would seem that such an entity of pure ambition, with no apparent thought for the aftermath, wallows in the present, the process, the addiction of disregarding both the profit and consequences. This does not mean that Noverod is unable to craft a plan, for when it comes to growing his power, he is the most cunning and zealous of them all.


Vangar with Gotterhavn watermark
The orc easily earns his place as Noverod's favorite for his raw strength. Vangar has walked across Gotterhavn alone, snuck into the Grand Chasm and walked out with his sanity, died and lay siege to the Under Realm for his own amusement, and killed a Primal Being, one of those who had devastated Gotterhavn long ago.
Currently in progress at June Chevalier's workshop.
Listia earns her reputation through her mere enjoyment of sending people into the Under Realm as a tavern wrestler. She has a heart for small peasants, but anyone capable enough is no exception to her lust for fighting and winning--and she will win, no matter what.
Elasmos with Gotterhavn watermark
The Elasmos was once a man, a ruler in a distant kingdom of Rovnan. He was once the owner of Noverod when the patron disguised himself as an arena fighter. When Noverod revealed his true identity, he shoved a barbed steel into his face, and forged armors directly onto his skin, and made him his merciless assassin.