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Trestern, home to Isalda worshippers

Gotterhavn: Unholy Consortium Lore Synopsis

Long ago the land of Gotterhavn was bestowed with immortality. None perished nor aged in the Age of Four Patrons. It was Noverod who changed everything. His power grew and for ever grew, that he began to tilt the balance in nature. His path to conquer and subjugate everything manifested in the destruction of so many aspect of life at the rate that Eirisse’s restoration power could not match. It was then that the other 3 patrons demanded the Godfather that Noverod be vanquished once and for all. The Godfather refused their plea, but could not leave Noverod’s fancy unchecked. He then summoned Zilgen, a patron who introduced death and decay into Gotterhavn. A war ensued. Death ravaged the land, but those who passed the threshold of life in the Under Realm would come back again as their original form to wage war once more.
The Age of Warring Gods began, and the cycle of death and resurrection became the norm. There was peace, though mostly there were battles. Alliances were formed. Betrayal went unpunished. And such was the state for thousands of years. The end of the Age of Warring Gods was marked by Eirisse’s surrender to her own compassionate soul that she begged to the Godfather for true death—if not for her, then for her faithfuls. The Godfather listened and retreated to his own musing. He was gone for a long time that the patrons and their followers began to fear the worst. But just as they started to feel abandoned, the Godfather came back. And with him he brought good news: that He had granted Eirisse’s wish, and it is Himself who would receive the souls of the dead with open arms and dine with them. The good news, however, did not come alone. The Godfather declared that the reward of true death could only be achieved by those who could seek and find the Victor’s Crypt, by which they could ascend, and which only comes every once in a while. This announcement marked the Third Age: The Age of Deadly Bouts.