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NFT Traits

As we state on Gotterhavn Overview page on this GotterWiki. Art is our passion! Each of our character is clad in their own unique garments. We manually fit 7.777 3D hyper-realistic NFT’s with their distinctive traits and stories.
Patrons Gotterhavn is governed by 5 patrons, the gods and goddesses who are supposed to safeguard the realm in the Godfather's stead. They form their own religions, and use their respective power to gain popularity in their effort to please the Godfather. However, their true motives are closely kept.
Characters Each patron is represented by 3 of their champions, each with their own lore and unique apparels.
Background Patrons have their own respective capitals and holy places depicted in our NFTs' backgrounds.
Gender Each patron is represented by three champions: Male, Female, and Unidentified
Apparel Collection And Materials The characters in Gotterhavn - Unholy Consortium collection has 3 types of garment respectively: Apogean, Illustrious, and Alastrean. Each of them has 3 material variations, namely Royal, Princely, and Noble.
Head Each character may wear various kinds of headwear, from armor to ceremonial adornment.
Face Face accessories are worn as either ornaments or necessities.
Additional Each character may wear additional accessories exclusive to their individual selves.
Weapon Characters wield various weapons to protect themselves against enemies and dangerous creatures scattered throughout Gotterhavn.
Origin The origin trait denotes the canonical costume of the characters as they appear in the story of Gotterhavn. Since there are only 15 characters in the Unholy Consortium Collection, this trait only appears in 15 NFTs in total.
Divine The trait of divinity is exclusive to the 5 patrons that govern Gotterhavn. Therefore, it only appears in 5 NFTs in total.