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June Chevalier
June Chevalier Honorary NFT

"Talent Are Overrated"

June has a degree in English Literature, and has loved writing since the age of 11. He has also loved making art since the day he could hold a pencil. During his high school years, he has written multiple novels, and then decided to publish one during his college years. "Vile Artistry," his debut novel, was published in 2020, the year he also decided to come back to the 3D world after starting in 2018. He loves worldbuilding, and that includes mapmaking, conlanging, culture designing, and especially personalities to populate his world.
Keyta Honorary NFT

"Be Yourself, Dont be Other"

Keyta is an ordinary guy who loves playing video games. He has experience with Discord since 2016 and has been a moderator on several discord servers so far. Interacting with people online is his expertise, since being friendly comes as his natural trait.
Currently in progress at June Chevalier's workshop.
"Knows June For a Long, Long Time"
He has a passion for the fantasy genre after being poisoned by June. He loves Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, etc. Gotterhavn piqued his interest and he wants to commit to carry Gotterhavn to success until the day he dies.
Currently in progress at June Chevalier's workshop.
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