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Gotterhavn Introduction

What is Gotterhavn?

Gotterhavn is a fantastical universe governed by five patrons stationed on behalf of the Godfather, a supreme deity. This fantasy world is dark and gritty in nature, and is home to warring factions, each worshipping their own patrons. Every creature within it is immortal: when they die, they will come back to the world to wage war over and over again. From dark magic to brute strength, the inhabitants of Gotterhavn wield any power of their choice to win the favor of the Godfather and earn His reward: the Victor’s Crypt. It is the ultimate reward with which anyone may have their true death and leave the crestfallen world far, far away behind them once and for all.

Why Gotterhavn?

Gotterhavn NFT is passion project and meant to be the start of an IP. This technology allows a new and upcoming title to be quickly recognized. We think that NFT may be the best way to pitch a vision, a new world, a fascinating set of characters to the public in general, instead of big corporations, so that people may judge for themselves if Gotterhavn is worthy of being developed further outside of the NFT world in the future.

Who Is Gotterhavn?

Gotterhavn was first initiated by our core team in late 2021. As a community-based project, our first priority is to build a solid and active group of people in a positive and inclusive environment. Anyone passionate about the fantasy genre is encouraged to join, and those who want to dive into it for the first time are most welcome!
You could observe the initiation process of Gotterhavn Project here.

When and How Gotterhavn?

You could observe the initiation process of Gotterhavn Project here.
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