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Why We Use Ethereum.

Ethereum and NFTs walk side by side. The greater part of NFT traffic as we know today runs on Ethereum. There are also countless successful NFT projects occurring on Ethereum. The big complaint, however, is that the chain technology demands high gas fee. But we've had it covered! We are implementing a technology that will reduce gas. Read below for more information.

ERC 721A+

We concern about high gas fee nowadays, and since we enable that you can multiple mint/batch minting, we picked ERC721A as our base smart contract. this method allows multiple NFTs to be minted for nearly the same gas fees as minting a single NFT.
A simple explanation about this technology is that this smart contract does not reserve the token id to its owner specifically. Instead, it loops through until it finds other owners so that the previous NFT is owned by the last owner.

Workaround for Expensive Gas Fee on Ethereum Chain

Thanks to our tech patron, we've found a way to modify ERC721A into our version ERC721A+ that reduces gas fee significantly on the Ethereum chain so that our holders only pay very minimally on minting. Below is a proof of the reduced gas fee. You can also find more information on Etherscan.
Low gas fee proof from our Tech Patron. Tested on the mainnet.

Why Discord?

Discord is a great platform to manage a community and to act as a direct communication between them and the developer. What makes our Discord server different from other NFT projects' is that our source code is independently and manually written. Since we involve no 3rd party to meddle with our technology, when other discord servers get hacked, ours don't.
Gotterhavn Bot on our Official Discord Server
To add on top of that, we use our own captcha to prevent bots from entering our server. The reason is because we want to grow our community as organically as possible. We have decided to code our own script on other aspects of our project since we prioritize the safety and comfort of our community.